Las Vegas + California Road Trip (Part 2)

After a few days of relaxing and exploring Arizona, we picked up our rental car and began our mini road trip. Our first stop was Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is not the destination that I look forward to during a road trip, but the driving. There is a certain joy I get from sitting in the car with a coffee and driving through new places.


The entire drive from Arizona to Nevada looked like this. Just open and untouched nature, which means the bathroom situation got a little weird at times, but it was such a peaceful and meditative drive.


A little piece of home in Vegas.


My Vegas experience was not the kind that I was worried about keeping in Vegas. We simply ate a marvelous dinner at Scarpetta, an Italian restaurant with a view of the fountains. I ordered the Wild Stripped Bass, which had me practically licking the plate. Then took in all of the Strip by walking along its entirety.


The view from our table at Scarpetta.

Our time in Vegas only lasted one night, and we were off the next morning to California.

IMG_3122We took a slight detour from heading straight to San Diego (our original destination), and took the trip to LA and Hollywood Boulevard.

We had an early morning brunch in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter at Cafe 21. They seem to be famous for their ‘Instagramable’ Bloody Mary’s, and on top of that their food was so delicious. My omelette was topped with spaghetti squash, an interesting but delectable finish.


Before walking onto Imperial Beach I found this adorable free library.


We spent the rest of the afternoon at La Jolla Cove.IMG_3135

I have never been this close to a seal before. I think I spent at least ten minutes just standing in this spot looking at this one seal. IMG_3411

The view was awe-inspiring.


We found a little spot where we could eat outside and look at the beach. There is honestly nothing I love better than being outside with a warm breeze and eating tacos. The tacos, by the way, were just bundles of sloppy love wrapped in a corn taco. So scrumptious.


And so concludes my trip.

What an incredible trip! I love seeing new places and meeting new people, and this trip was an opportunity to do so. I can’t wait to go back again!

P.S. Stay tuned and I’ll post about how to travel on a budget (which is what we did) and how to make the most of any trip when doing so!



Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

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  1. Loved following your journey and pictures. It’s really the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure….a roadside library, a taco, the wonder of a sunbathing seal and an ocean breeze!

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