Feminism seems to be an uncomfortable topic for most. Even more uncomfortable is labeling oneself as a feminist.

The label seems to ooze so many negative ideas and stereotypes in people’s minds.

More often, for men.

Talking to the men in my life it seems that being labeled a ‘feminist’ makes them seem too feminine, and far less masculine than they should in the eyes of their peers.

Any discussion or thought towards feminism is therefore immediately pushed aside and deemed as unimportant or unnecessary. It is seen as strictly a woman’s topic of concern and discussion, and that all issues that once existed within the subject matter of feminism have since been taken care of. Except it’s not, and the need for feminism still exists.

The reasons for which men push aside any topic relating to or about feminism is exactly what feminists are concerned about and work to change.

It is not just women who are held victim to unrealistic gender standards and restricted gender roles, men are too.

Men are told to be the breadwinners, to be emotionless, to fight not flight, amongst other things. Males are made to feel they must act a certain way in order to not be thought of as less than a man.

Just as they are for women, these gender stereotypes for men are unrealistic and restraining.

The fact that men are afraid/unwilling to label themselves as a feminist shows that there is a bigger issue at hand.

Feminism is not specifically and only for females, men can be feminists too. And they should be. Feminism is not just about women’s rights, but about gender rights.


“My own definition is a feminist is a man or a woman who says, yes, there’s a problem with gender as it is today and we must fix it, we must do better. All of us, women and men, must do better.”

-Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie “We Should All Be Feminists”




Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

2 thoughts

  1. “The reasons for which men push aside any topic relating to or about feminism is exactly what feminists are concerned about and work to change.”

    I hear this from roughly 100% of feminists. That they’re actively working for equality in all aspects. Then I ask a question, and never receive an answer. Why is NOW, arguably the biggest feminist organization in the world, fighting tooth and nail against shared parenting laws, which would enable men to play the nurturing role and the women to get out more? Why are they fighting to keep draconian alimony laws that initializes women and enslaves men? Why did womens groups in Israel repeal a law that recognized male rape victims? Why are feminists organizations in countless colleges across the nation fighting against free speech and due process?

    The dictionary definition is lovely, and feminism played a massive role in the liberation and equality of women, and in some parts of the world it is still 100% needed. But these are the real world results of feminism in modern western society, and a dictionary can’t compete with real world laws and events that oppress millions.

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  2. You bring up very valid and important issues that are often not talked about and go unacknowledged. Just like anything else, feminism has its positives and negatives. I do agree very much with you, but I do see the value of feminism and I do think it is still essential to our society now and going forward. But, as you stated some of the issues above, there are many issues that need to be brought into the public eye and changed as they relate to feminism and feminists.


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