Easter Sunday Brunch

Holidays in my family are usually pretty low-key. I prefer them that way. There is no need to stress over them, and we basically never do. My family is made up of a bunch of foodies, so all we care about is a good ol’ home cooked meal and a place to crash from our food comas afterwards. This year we had a brunch at my house.

One thing my family has on the table every Easter, is a ricotta pie. A sweet Italian pie made from ricotta cheese. That same cheese used to stuff your shells and make up the middle of baked ziti. Its so good!

The actual making of the pie is passed down from generation to generation, and these passed two Easters I have been in charge of the pie. Except last year I nearly ruined all future chances. We won’t get into detail about it, but in short my little Italian grandmother told me in the nicest way she could that it “was not good, but I’ll eat it anyway”. Thanks for the constructive criticism grandma.

This year I wanted to prove I was capable of holding the ricotta pie making title. So I tried my luck at baking once again. It didn’t come out all that bad!


IMG_3651The recipe was really easy and simple to follow, and I even had enough left over to make a batch of tiny ricotta pies to give out. I made these smaller ricotta pies with a cupcake tin.


My grandmother gave it her approval, except she said I should add a little extra pizzaz to it next time. I’m assuming by pizzaz she means chocolate chips or a decoration of something other than the four jelly beans I placed on top of mine this year.


The rest of the brunch was made up of ham, quiche, bagels with white fish, and lots and lots of coffee. Dessert was topped off with homemade mimosas with fresh strawberries.






Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

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