A Thank You to Self

It is during morning walks (and showers) that I seem to develop the clearest mind, and my most dedicated mediation can begin.

As this has been the warmest week of the year so far in New York, I decided to get out, enjoy the sunshine, and begin one of my many attempts at exercising. Thus, my meditation took place.

While walking, and very much out of the blue, I began to give acknowledgment and appreciation to myself. I was appreciative that despite the fact that I never exercise, I proceeded to push myself and run up a hill with ease. I was also appreciative of my motivation to get out and get moving, despite my fear and self-consciousness of looking like someone who doesn’t exercise to other runners  on the street (silly I know). These are not normally deemed as large successes in the greater realm of things, but to me they truly were.

All of this self-appreciation led me to think about my other accomplishments and abilities.

I so often find myself recognizing the achievements of others above my own. I see what I still have left to obtain or work towards, and ignore the handwork and success I have already attained. It is so easy to see what ‘needs work’, rather than give credit to what has been doing its very best and is still pushing on.

You yourself are your biggest supporter, motivator, and lover. Stop and acknowledge what you have done. See the handwork and dedication you have put in. Pat yourself on the back for how far you have come. Examine how beautiful you are, and appreciate where you are at this moment.

An overly enthusiastic “selfie” of myself and a smoothie in all my self-appreciative glory






Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

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