A Walk Over the Hudson; Beacon, NY

Growing up tends to put a strain on friendships. With work, personal life, and even relocating, friendships as an adult tend to require patience and a lot of preplanning.

The other day one of my dear childhood friends and I  finally had a free day aligned, so we took advantage of it by jumping in my car and walking over the Hudson before I moved.

Here are just a few pictures of our walk, and our time in Beacon, NY.

Here I am finally taking advantage of a water pack I bought. Thought I’d take an action shot pre-hydrating.

There was so much street art in Beacon, which really made the town seem personal to the community. Local art always gives me that feeling, and the fact that the art in Beacon was all over the streets only amplified that feeling.

Before we left we stopped at this place called Zora Dora’s Microbatch Ice Cream and Paletas. All of their ice cream and sorbet was in bar form, and came in some pretty delicious and unique flavors. I had the Muddy Hudson Coffee bar, ahh-mazing!

Zora Dora’s Ice Cream and Paletas (Yelp)

And here’s a little shot of the Main Street of Beacon. Such a wonderful piece of the Hudson valley.

Check out my last post on Woodstock and New Paltz, NY for more information and pictures along the Hudson Valley.


Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

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