My Month In Tulsa, Oklahoma

I am back in New York, after spending over a month in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

There is still much debate, I have recently found out, revolving around whether Oklahoma is considered the Mid-West or the South. Regardless, this trip would mark my first time visiting that part of the United States. I have experienced much of the East and the West coast, a bit of the South, never up North, and always just flew over the middle.

My time and transportation during my time in Tulsa was very limited, but I did take the opportunity to explore as much as possible.

Here is a bit of my picture journey…


I would like to say that I was in shock at the incredible street at in Tulsa. Nearly every building in Tulsa is covered in street art, from the local bike shop to the pharmacy. I have always been a huge fan of street art, and it is so interesting to see how supportive the city is, as a whole, of a form of art that is often deemed as vandalism.


Brady District Art Crawl

The first Friday of every month the Brady District hosts an Art Crawl, which displays the work of local arts in the area. This art comes in many forms, from music to glass blowing to pie baking (which I was very much a fan of, aside from the free wine).

It was so great being a part of such a rich and artistic community. It certainly made me feel right at home.

The picture in the middle is a individual dressed as a tree. Their costume was so awesome!

Just by how precise and realistic it really looked.

Food that is out of this world at Andolini’s Pizza

Especially the Mac and Cheese!


The Phoenix came highly recommended by every Tulsan I met. A bookstore that doubled as a library, with a menu that dripped with all the literary favorites.



One of my many favorite blogs to follow, “A Cup Of Jo”



There is a lot of food involved in this post…


The Center of the Universe 

Right where I belong;)

I joke.


Tulsa is such a cool city with so much culture and history. Every person I met had only good things to say about their city, and raved about their community.


I took with me a little piece of Tulsa, a tiny tat of my each member of my family’s birthday. Done at Black Gold Tattoo by Caleb.  

This weekend is when I officially move to Florida! I plan to post more about the moving process and my road trip to my new home.

Stay tuned, and stay positive xo


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