Trader Joes Shopping List On A Budget!

Trader Joes is one of those places where I walk in and I get incredibly fuzzy and excited inside.

Much like the feeling I get from TJ Maxx or Barnes and Noble.

I like Trader Joes because they always have great deals on healthier options. Plus when I went in for this most recent shopping trip they were stocked with their fall specials!img_5708

My favorites are their Pumpkin Spice Coffee and their Pumpkin Ice cream.

I usually will abide by the same shopping list each time I go. I buy the staple items, and then I might add a treat here or a snack there.

I have included my shopping list below. I try to grocery shop every week and a half to two weeks. So my shopping list is to fit that time frame.


Trader Joes Shopping List


  • Avocados (bag of 5) $2.99
  • Lemons (bag of 6) $1.49
  • Green Bell Peppers (2) (prices vary)
  • Sweet Onion (1) (prices vary)
  • Package of Portabella Mushrooms (1) (prices vary)
  • Package of seedless grapes (1) $1.99
  • Roma tomatos (2) $.29
  • Frozen Green Beans $1.99
  • Bag of yams (prices vary)
  • Zucchini (prices vary)
  • Bagged Spinach $1.99


  • Turkey (2, ground) $2.99
  • Brown eggs (prices vary)
  • Bag of frozen chicken breast $7.99


  • Tuna (canned) $1.69 a can
  • Frozen Sole (prices vary)

Pantry Items 

  • Marinara Sauce $1.49 a jar
  • Spaghetti Pasta $.99
  • Whole grain tortilla $1.99

Dairy Items

  • Low-fat Greek yogurt $2.99
  • Shredded cheddar cheese $2.99

Non-Dairy Items

  • Almond milk $1.99
  • Earth Balance Butter $3.99


  • TJ Merlot $2.99

These are my staple grocery items. Depending on need and want, items may be added or skipped. I have found the items on my list to be great staple items, and they can be made into many different meals.






Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

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