2017 Resolutions

I have always been terrible at keeping my New Year’s resolutions, and I don’t enjoy the feelings that come along with breaking them. Those feelings of guilt, shame, and utter
img_6442disappointment in myself.

I did not refrain from making resolutions this year, but I went about it a bit differently.

I should probably call it a mindset rather than a series of separate resolutions.

Being a dedicated list maker, I would have already made a nice little list of New Year’s resolutions. They would have each been very specific goals that I would have wanted to accomplish during the upcoming year.

But life would usually do what it does, and when I didn’t accomplish my goals with the specifications laid out…I would eventually become disappointed, frustrated, and simply give up.

Much like in yoga when I set a dedication for that day’s practice, this year I set a dedication  going forward into the new year. My dedication for 2017 is to be open to the Universe and intuitive to what makes me happy. img_6110

Over the past few months I realized that I have been consistently making decisions that have a focus of “doing what is best” and therefore I have been putting my happiness last.



As I begin the New Year, I want to be conscious of my own happiness and open to what the Universe had to offer.

I don’t necessarily know what this will entail throughout the year, and I don’t know what this will all bring in the end.

I do know that as of now, which is nearly the end of January, I have actively been taking steps with this dedication in mind.

I have been acknowledging my limitations at work and at home, and reminding myself img_6520that this is not a cause to stress but to grow.

I have also been taking steps to being conscious of what I put in my body, and how it makes me feel.
I have been reading, writing, and smiling more, and yelling, holding back, and skipping out less.

Not having a list and specific resolutions to live up to provides me with more room to explore and grow.

For someone who thrives upon lists in her life, this is a step away from my comfort zone.

I like it.

Do you make resolutions? If so, what is your method?


Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

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