Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

My perfect Valentine’s Day, and the one I have every year, involves staying in, opening a bottle of red wine, and eating a Whole Foods heart-shaped raspberry mousse cake in front of a movie.

Clay and I are homebodies, and we also don’t mind that our plans usually allow us to avoid the Valentine’s Day restaurant crowds.

Nonetheless, we still treat one another to little cute gifts.

One of my favorite gifts I gave him was a book I wrote and had printed using Lulu online publishing.

I really enjoyed writing the book and putting it all together, and he really loved receiving it as a present as well.

Here are a few more creative and fun gift ideas for him or her

A photo book is always a great gift to give, and then add to together as a couple.

This photo album is from TJ Maxxx. They always have really cute designs and colors there, as well as Target and Marshalls.

If you are like me and don’t have a photo printer at home, you can go to CVS or Walgreens and print your photos our there!


We have been adding to our photo album together, and we fill it with not only pictures but cards and little memory tokens.

You can also use Lulu to create and ship a photo book to you. They have really beautiful and creative design options to do so.

Lulu Photo Book

I came across these wallet inserts on Etsy, and I just love how personal and creative they are.

Its a cute and unique way to send a love note to your special someone.

My final gift idea is perfect for if you plan on heading out on Valentine’s Day, because it involves a date idea and a gift all rolled into one. Perfect little package.

If you haven’t done ceramics before, LOOK IT UP! Just Yelp any local ceramics studios in your area.

Most places have cute seating areas, and have beverages available to buy and/or they allow BYOB.

Its a really fun and romantic way to get out and see your special someone’s artistic side. Plus, you each walk out with a handmade gift!

Here is one of my ceramic pieces I made

How do you usually spend Valentine’s Day?



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