My Top 6 Favorite Spots to Eat in Orlando, FL

Since moving to Orlando this past summer, I’ve been able to scope out a few scrumptious places.

Here are a few of my favorite places. Enjoy!

Tako Cheena

A fusion of Asian and Mexican cuisine, this place has brought my love of tacos to an all time high. Its an awesome little place inside, and I really love that they have work from local artists featured on the walls.

My favorites are the Panko Crusted Cod taco and the Chinese BBQ Char Sui Pork Belly taco. The churros with the key lime sauce are a must as well!



I love this little juice bar in Thornton Park. They have so many smoothie and juice options, you never can get bored with their menu. One of my favorites is the Orlando Magic smoothie with bee pollen on top.

Their smoothie bowls are a work of art!

Kale smoothie with bee pollen

Noodle and Rice Cafe


Run as fast as you can and run until you reach the Noodle and Rice Cafe on N. Mills Ave.

A charming little place inside, with amazing food. If I am not creating my own with the hot pot, I love their Hong Kong Noodle Soup with the BBQ spare ribs.

Its BYOB, but you have to make sure you bring the chef a drink!


The Osprey Tavern

What a gem!

The Osprey Tavern offers fresh and local ingredients, in an incredible atmosphere. The food is delightful, and they have an awesome Happy Hour menu which they offer every day, except Monday, of the week from 4-7!

Its a great place to sit outside in the evening, have a cocktail, have some oysters, and just melt in the good vibes.

Their menu is always change, and they offer some pretty unique dishes such as their butternut squash pizza (see below).



Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream

I don’t even know where to begin.

So I will just start with warning you that once you start coming to Kelly’s, you will not stop.

Their ice cream is just too good. They change flavors often, and every flavor I’ve tried is just bursting with creamy goodness.

Both the strawberry and the peanut butter chocolate brownie are my favorite, but you can’t go wrong with any of the flavors here. They usually have some pretty unique and interesting flavors featured, so try them while they are around!

Lazy Moon

Lastly, its time to mention some pizza.

Lazy Moon offers a really industrial vibe, with some massive pizza slices and some great beer. Its a very popular place, and is definitely a must if you are in the area.

The pizza was the size of my head…I do not kid you.



Author: elementsofhill

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