How to be a morning person (4 steps)

I have just begun to be a morning person, and it took a bit of practice.

Since I have been getting into a morning routine, I have found myself to be better prepared and less stressed for the day ahead. I also have realized that I am my most creative and productive in the morning. Its not easy, but once you get into a routine it’ll be less challenging to get started and you’ll find yourself eager to get up and get moving.

Here are some of the tricks that have shaped me into a morning person. Enjoy!

  1. Get up early. Try and wake up early. When I wake up late, I tend to rush and feel unprepared. It can be hard to do, especially on a Monday, but working yourself up to your desired wake up time is the best way to do so. You can do this by incrementally setting your alarm back 15 minutes, until you get to your desired wake up time. Also, try and place your alarm a distance away from your bed. This way you are forced to get up out of bed to turn it off.
  2. Take a moment to gather your thoughts. Before you jump on your phone or computer, take a few moments to just sit quietly and collect yourself for the day. I have a routine where once I wake up I make my coffee then sit on my couch with my cat for 10 minutes. It helps me figure out what I need to do for the day without feeling overwhelmed, and it just keeps me centered. Sometime I will write in my journal, or read some inspirational quotes from a quote book I have. It allows me to gain a positive mindset.
  3. Prepare everything the night before. Pick out your outfit the night before, pack your lunch, set out the items you need to take with you, lay out your keys, even preparing your coffee so that in the morning you just turn it on. I find that when I put everything together the night before, that I feel more organized and prepared for the day ahead. I can spend more time relaxing and eating breakfast, instead of scrambling to get myself ready.
  4. Play your pump up playlist. In the morning I like to put on music to get me energized for the day. This helps, especially for days that I know will be long and tiring. I play it as I’m getting ready, and it helps.  Two of my favorite songs to get ready to in the morning are Stolen Dance by Milky Chance and Whats Luv by Ja Rule and Ashanti



Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

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