10 Items of Content

Taking a moment to acknowledge that things that have most recently gave me a feeling of happiness and content.

Here is my list…

My new silk pillowcase

Jerry (my cat)

My new planner

Early morning phone calls from family

My recent Amazon order

Ramen from the Hot Pot cafe

My bae

The Other Wes Moore (my current read)

Seinfeld reruns

My journal

Its important to take a step back and think about those things in your life that bring you happiness. They can be something as simple as a yummy meal you had, or a yoga class you took. That process of writing out your items of content, allows you to have a visual of positivity. It is especially beneficial when maybe you had a difficult day, and need a reminder of the positivity that surrounds it.


Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

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