Healthy Collections

I started this morning the same way I start every morning.

I woke up. Fed Jerry. Made some coffee. Reached into my cabinet of mugs, and looked for the one that would best suit my morning mood. Did I need a mug with an inspirational quote, did I want a small one (for the days requiring less caffeine), or did I need a mug that held memories to reminisce with. Lame, I know.

You can gather that I have an abundance of mugs, and it’s true. I do! I am very proud of the mugs I have collected over the years.

Because of this, Mugs are also one of the things that I don’t mind splurging on, even when I have more than enough at home. I never get that guilty feeling for buying them. I call them “healthy collections”.

IMG_1301As an attempted minimalist and someone who doesn’t like clutter, collecting an item is not something I normally like to do. For many, there are things that we don’t mind splurging on, and collecting. For me, mugs are something I don’t mind treating myself to.

IMG_1297A friend of mine once said that if you enjoy something, than its okay to go out and collect them. Why should enjoying having something be bad. So if you like something, go ahead and buy it. You shouldn’t feel like you have too much of an item if it is something you find pleasure in collecting.


What is your healthy collection?


Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

4 thoughts

  1. I have a collection of mugs too! They’re one of my favorite things to find because there are so many unique ones out there. I also have a bit of a journal/notebook collection as well, so I never run out of things to write on.


    1. That’s funny you say that about the journal/notebook collection, because I have one too! Same with the mugs, there are always unique and inspirational journals/notebooks out there. I’m glad to meet someone who has the same collections!

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