4 Steps to Be Ready for Your Next Interview

Aside from preparing for questions, doing my research, and ensuring I have an outfit to wear, there are a few things I like to do before an interview to keep me focused and my nerves at ease.

Here are 5 of the things I like to do before an interview that help me bring my most authentic self in front of any potential employer

  1. Prepare the Afternoon Before

Don’t wait until the day of to decide your outfit, check out your travel route, or put any last minute details together. Take time out the afternoon before to decide all that.  Plan all the little details, so that way you just get up and get ready without having to worry about anything. Set up your outfit, plan the route you will take and the time, and have your bag all set up. I even set up a water bottle in the fridge and some snacks, which are important especially on the day of the interview!

I say afternoon and not night because if you plan earlier in the day, it gives you time to go out and grab anything that maybe you didn’t know you needed at first. There have been so many times I decided to gather everything that night and I didn’t realize until then that maybe I needed to make a copy or that my “interview outfit” had a mysterious stain on it. Point being said, do it earlier.

Also, preparing everything earlier the day before allows you to spend the night gathering your nerves and relaxing. That way you aren’t wound up and thinking about the interview right before you hit the sheets.

2. Create a Mantra 

You are enough

I like to create a mantra before I go into an interview. It helps keep me centered and remind myself that I am enough. It keeps me positive and reminds me that I am in the right place. It helps to boost my confidence and push away any doubt that may arise. My mantras on my most recent interviews have been “breath” and “you are enough”. I repeat my mantra when I start to get nervous, and it helps me to get back on track. It also inspires me a bit more to be myself during the initially interview process, and I don’t feel as rigid.

3. Listen to Your Pump Up Song

I always listen to a pump up song either as I get ready or on my way to the interview (if I can), or both! It gets your happy chemicals pumping and gets you going.

Listening to a song I like and that gets me going usually gets me energized and ready for the day ahead. It also makes me feel like myself, and bringing your authentic self to an interview is important!

Take it from Dwight! It definitely got him pumped.

4. Hydrate and Stay Fed

I know drinking water is something we all know is important, but seriously drink water. When you don’t drink water it can make you a little foggy headed and less alert.

Whenever I have an interview I ensure I bring a water bottle and I stay hydrated. It helps me to stay focused and be able to think better. Definitely necessary when you are answering questions and talking with a potential employer. It makes a big difference.

Along with drinking water, make sure you eat before. Take time to sit and eat a meal. You need to have fuel before you go. There is also nothing worse than having to talk over stomach growls. I have had it happen, and it throws you completely off track.


Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

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