Quote of The Day; Being Fearless

“Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

Unknown the author, but nevertheless this quote has been mainly responsible for propelling me in the direction of confidence and positivity. It is my life mantra of choice you may say.

As a millennial, this quote is particularly powerful because in this moment I am currently out in the world trying to pursue what makes me happy.

To be honest, it can be scary!

I am in a career path that I love but I am not always the happiest, and I have had to make some dramatic leaps of faith towards, and here is where I quote the quote, “what sets my soul on fire”. I have experienced what it feels like to not have your “soul on fire” or to not be passionately engaged with what you are currently doing. It’s a terrible feeling.

I have been working towards only pursuing what I love, and keeping my happiness first. I’m not entirely there, but I am working on the right path. It brings about some serious changes within my lifestyle, especially in the near future (which I will write about eventually).

The fearless aspect of this quote is important because you really have to be fearless when you do what makes you happy because it is not always easy. You have to take chances and make decisions that are hard or maybe not so clear in the moment. You really have to trust in the future, and be confident in yourself. Knowing what makes you happy is fairly simple, but pursuing it is mainly the scary part.

This quote reminds me to be strong and fearless, and that I am not wrong nor silly for working towards my happiness. You have to be fearless regardless of what society may tell you or others may tell you that may sway you away from pursuing what you love.

You have to trust in yourself, and remember you got this. 


Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

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