Finding Time to Read With a Busy Schedule

Finding times to read can seem hard, and I think we find it so difficult because the thought of settling down and fully unplugging from the world nowadays is not so common. As a society we are always immersed in our screens, whether it be a cellphone, a computer, or a television. Since I was a kid I have always been an avid reader, but I have found that with my busy schedule I turn to technology first to wind-down rather than grab a book.

I have been working to read more, especially when my schedule is busy. Reading brings me a sense of calm and provides me with a clear mind, so when I do finally settle down to do so I feel accomplished and centered.

This worked a lot more when I lived in New York City and took public transportation, but bringing a book in my bag really helps me to stay consistent with my reading. I have been leaving a book in my bag and sometimes in my car, so whenever I have a lag time I can take out my book and read. It doesn’t necessarily allow for me to read through chapters, but I do get an opportunity to read through a few pages. It actually stops me from whipping out my phone during awkward moments such as waiting for a friend at the bar, or just waiting in line at the post office.

Some days it is hard to get any time to read during the day, especially during my work day. I find that on days I feel I truly won’t really have that down time, I try to start and/or end my day reading a book. It helps because at that time I am already feeling cozy and relaxed, and I am already closely familiar with my prime reading location…my bed. This usually influences me into a reading mood. It also helps me relax before I start and end my day.

I try to make reading a book into a date, with my special partner being non-other than my book. When I make reading a book into a set date, I feel more obligated to stick to it. I will take my book and sit at a coffee shop. When I have a time and a place, I will schedule everything around it and I am less inclined to be surrounded by distractions.

Recently a friend and I, who also has the same intention to read more, decided to put together a small book club with a few women that we know. This allows us to read the genres we love and have flexibility, and comfortability, within our meetings. You don’t need Meetup to be a part of a book club, you can start your own. The app-less life!







Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

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