Motivating Monday

It has been a lovely weekend, and even lovelier with this Monday off! I think sometimes I enjoy my three day weekends even more than any extended vacation, because in that short little time I become so productive.

Since today is Memorial Day, we are going to the beach and barbecuing tonight. Pretty low-key and simple.

This weekend I got really into the show Girls. I have been meaning to watch it for some time, and I finally broke down and bought the first season off iTunes. I really am intrigued by the characters, especially Jemima Kirke’s character Jessa.


Zenni Optical is having a Memorial Day sale (woo!) and I am really digging these glasses. I have been into the clear frames lately, and Zenni Optical always has great glasses.

Any moment I get to play (or sing!) the Moana soundtrack I gladly jump on the opportunity. That being said, I loved watching the choreography in this video to the song “How Far I’ll Go”.

Playing on repeat all week long…



Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

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