Nashville, Tennessee: Part One

Last week, a friend and I took a along awaited trip to Nashville. It was our first time visiting there, and we both fell in love with the cool vibe and culture that was cultivated within the city. Being avid readers and devote foodies, we spent the majority of the trip reading and then scoping out the best eats around. Sprinkled within our consistent munching endeavors were some trips to different historical spots, shops, and live music.



Our first meal once we landed were some pulled pork sandwiches from Jack’s Bar-B-Que.  Their bbq sauce was drinkable, that is how delicious it was.


We also topped it off with some Mike’s Ice Cream. They have over 30 different flavors, my favorite was the bread pudding one. The specifics of the name I forget, but if you see the term “bread pudding” you know you came to the right flavor.


For dinner we went to a really posh and excellent restaurant called Rolf and Daughters. It is very trendy and crisp inside, and I love the line of cook books that takes up one wall. The menu offers a joyful jumble of delicious and interesting options. Their fresh bread and seaweed butter was heavenly.





One of our favorite places during our stay to grab a beer and listen to music was a place called Benchmark Bar and Grill, and we found out about it our first night in Nashville. They had very friendly bartenders, and the musicians were so incredibly talented. It was a staple during our time in Nashville.​


There was a great deal of food, as I mentioned earlier, that marks the course of our trip.

Look out for Part Two from my trip to Nashville.




Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

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