Nashville, TN: Part Two

Picking up from where I left off, here are the photos from the rest of my time in Nashville, Tennessee. Such as the hostel we stayed at, my favorite place to grab a biscuit and fried chicken breakfast, the Johnny Cash Museum, and lots and lots of food.


A glimpse at the common area of our hostel. There was twinkle lights, a pool table, lots of varying seating options, games, and books (all there to be used). There was a communal kitchen, and free coffee every morning. It was the adult version of a college dorm, in the cleanest and most laid-back way possible.


Biscuit Love was adorable inside, and it is located in the Gulch neighborhood. They served biscuits, as you can probably guess, but in varying meal combinations. They had a spicy chicken biscuit breakfast sandwiches with pickles and spicy mustard, biscuit french toast, and, my all time favorite, biscuit donuts called bonuts. 

We went on a weekday morning, and it was fairly busy. If you decide to go on a weekend, which we tried to go back and do, the line makes its way down the street. People come prepared for the line with umbrellas and water bottles. So word to the wise, get there early!


The Johnny Cash Museum was at the top of the list for places to visit in Nashville. It was small, but completely worth it and informative. It had memorabilia from the start to the end of his career. It was quite interactive as well. It gave me a more personal look into Cash’s life.


What really interested me was how involved Cash was in prison reformation. His interest was sparked when he would perform at various prisons.


We came upon Yazoo Brewery by total chance. We had been walking around the Gulch neighborhood, and we turned a corner and it was there. I am so glad we did, because it was an amusing and delightful time. The brewery has a really hip and original vibe, and they have an extensive beer menu.

They had live music when we went, and Jeni’s Ice Cream was there as well…with Jeni making a special appearence at the brewery as well. img_2372


12 South was another neighborhood we visited, and it offers shops, restaurants, and cool street art. There was the sandwich shop of one of the Chopped champions, called Sloco. It is also where Five Daughters is, as you well see below.


Five Daughters had some of the most fluffy and mouthwatering donuts I have ever had. The 100 layer donut is still on my mind, even after landing in Orlando. They have really originally flavors too, such as blueberry lavender and birthday cake. They even have vegan donut options.



The Pharmacy was a must-try suggested to my friend and I. They have a really quaint beer garden, and their food is incredible and so…so…filling. I disappointed myself there, because I could not finish my meal. img_2446

I fell in love with Nashville while I was there. There are so many great neighborhoods and places to go to. We didn’t stay on the main strip too much, which would be Broadway where all the tourist attractions are located, but we ventured around. Ubering around was inexpensive, never over 7 dollars a trip. There is a great night life for those who enjoying going out at night, and for those who are more daytime people, like me, there are lots of things catering to that time of the day as well.



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