Art and Bagels in Miami, Florida


On the way to the Florida Keys, Clay and I stayed a night in Miami. We ate some awesome food and visited the Wynwood Arts District.

Here is a photo journey of our short but sweet trip!


El Jefe’s Luchador is not in Miami, but in Deerfield Beach. It was a stop we made on the way, as it was right off our route on A1A. We came to El Jefe’s during a vacation to Deerfield Beach a few years back. We went there almost everyday when we found out about it. We had to make the stop this time. I love love LOVE their El Rey and Blue Demon taco. img_2601img_2603

When we got to Miami, we went to this restaurant called Finka Table and Tap. Its a fusion of Cuban, Peruvian, and Korean. Everything was pretty damn good. It was super hip inside. It’s definitely the place to try out a new outfit. The food was fresh and flavorful, and our waiter, if memory serves me I’d like to say his name was Robert, was funny and friendly.

I feel as though I’m writing a Yelp review…

But it is a cool date/friends night out type of place.


The Wynwood Arts District was the most enjoyable aspect of the trip for me. I really appreciated and loved the culture that surrounded the area. img_2624

We stopped at a coffee shop called MIAM Café. The coffee was strong and delightful, and it was in a great location to just sit outside and savor the morning. 


The Jerry Seinfeld piece made me all too happy. It was a piece done by NYC artist sacsix.

It was a Festivus for the rest of us.


My dear friend and Miami native suggested this bagel place, Arnie and Richie’s. Bagel’s make me feel at home in New York, especially with nova cream cheese. This is where I would have made use of that little emoji with the hands raised. Bagel in hand, I was super content and prepared for the drive to the Keys.

Which is where I went next.

Though it was short, my trip to Miami was great. I really enjoyed the sights and the food. It is a great city, and I still have more to see of it. That is a future trip.





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