Hemingway and Hogfish in the Florida Keys


After Miami, we drove straight to the Keys.

As soon as we checked into our Airbnb, we walked right back outside to begin exploring. The first thing on our to-do list was to see Ernest Hemingway’s home, and to eat some key lime pie. We did both within the first two hours that we were there.

Accomplishing goals everyday.


I have read, not all, but a good majority of Hemingway’s work. When I was in Paris, I spent a great deal of time studying his work and visiting the spots where he frequented and also lived.

Even with this time spent on him, the tour that we took was so informative and provided pieces of his life I was unaware of. I was in awe by his home and loved every moment that was spent walking through and learning about his life and his work. Minus the womanizing and big game hunting, I do admire him as a writer and was intrigued by his motivation for traveling and life.


The urinal he carried home one drunk night. Now a water bowl for the 53 cats on the property.


The penny he threw towards Paulina over the massive pool she had put in their backyard while he was away.  And when I say ‘away’ I mean away with another woman…in Europe…for eleven months…Yes.

Hemingway did not want a pool to begin with, so she took it upon herself to tear down his beloved boxing ring and have her pool installed in it’s spot.

Paulina was such a clever woman, I love it.


Hemingway’s writing studio, where a great majority of his work was written.



“One Human Family” found at the southernmost tip of the United States.



This key lime pie was featured on Man vs. Food, and the height of this pie really hooked me in. Plus Adam Richman used so many pleasant adjectives to describe this pie, I couldn’t pass it up. You can find this bad boy at Blue Heaven, which is an outdoor bar that seems to be a popular place to eat in the area. It is a five minute walk from Duval street and the Hemingway house. img_2729-2img_2732-2

After we ate at a place called Hogfish Bar and Grill, which was also featured on Man vs. Food but wasn’t as delightful. In case you were wondering, yes these pictures are in chronological order and yes we did eat dessert first. It was not necessarily bad, but to it was disappointing to go and not receive what you expected. Moment of honesty, but it was just skimped on love and ingredients.

Clay did make a friend though, which means more than any Hogfish sandwich. Say hello to Mooch the cat.img_2738-2

My new car that I bought while I was there. It truly makes the statement I want while driving.


Just kidding.


A view of the sunset at the end of our first night in the Keys.

Our second day there we spent more time by the water.

A view from Anne’s Beach. where we took a walk. It is really desolate, but beautiful. A great place to see wildlife.


We sat at Robbie’s for lunch, a bar and grill right on the water. We got seats overlooking the water, where we were able to see the Tarpon fish being fed. They look like tiny sharks, with their fins peeking out of the water.


After lunch we walked over one of the docks, where there was a great deal of activity going on. In this picture you can see a manatee, some Tarpon, and below that there were two nurse sharks.


In the time that we were there, we were able to drive through and see all of the Florida Keys. There is so much history there, and I loved the people and places I was able to meet and see. It was a memorable and relaxing getaway.

I hope you enjoyed!




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Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

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