My Favorite Podcasts

On a quest to avoid binge watching Netflix series, I have been binging on podcasts instead. Here are a few of the ones I have been taken a liking to.


My Favorite Murder

Hello to any fellow Murderinos out there!

I will warn you. This podcast can become quite addicting, although I might only be speaking for myself. The hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are delightful and funny. I appreciate that they are open in discussing topics that are often shied away from in public discussions, such as going to therapy. I truly love every aspect of this podcast, from the murders to the off-topic but on-topoc conversations. They do talk about murders, but more so they also educate their listeners on how to be aware of your surroundings in any given situation and how to be safe. Stay sexy, and don’t get murdered.


Here’s The Thing

This podcast originally pulled me in because it is hosted by none other than Alec Baldwin. In his podcast he interviews various celebrities and policy makers, and interviews them on their rise to fame and the feelings on where they are and how they got there. It is inspiring, informative, and hilarious all in one. What a perfect bundle, right? He has everyone from Howard Schultz, the man who started Starbucks, to Billy Joel.


Coffee Break: Spanish

This podcast has been helping me to improve and advance my Spanish. Each episode is short, and has a specific theme. You learn how to properly pronounce certain words, and also the different variations of words depending on geographical location and social situation. They have other languages as well, such as French and Spanish. It is like having a language course in your home or car, except with this you get to control the speed and you can choose the lesson you want to focus on.


The Moth

This podcast features the true stories of various storytellers, both young and old. It is fantastic because they are live tapings of the shows, and you can really feel the emotions of the storyteller and the room as they present to a room of strangers. The stories cover a wide range of topics, never allowing boredom to creep in. They are fairly short episodes, and I just love listening to this podcast before bed. Its like the adult version of a bedtime story.


Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

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