Stay Curious; Practicing Self-Love

We stay curious, stay listening, and we stay involved.

This isn’t part of my normal routine, but I was following a yoga practice on YouTube this morning and the instructor said this particular line to set the practice. She said that this was a form of self-love. It really inspired me.

When you think about it, theres are the characteristics of self-love. It is through curiosity, listening, and involvement that we grow as individuals and we find ourselves.

The times that I am the most centered is when I am curious and stepping out of my comfort zone. Staying curious helps me to propel forward and grow as an individual. It allows me to see what works for me, and find out new things about myself.

Just staying out there and involved, and listening to the world around you allows you to learn and progress. These are all aspects of growing as a person, bringing happiness, and showing yourself the love you deserve.


Author: elementsofhill

Feminist, coffee enthusiast, writer.

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